Playing in my mother's Fashion Fair makeup was the highlight of my youth. I would go into my mother's room and rub her cream foundation all over my face with a sponge and top my lips off with her fuchsia colored lip gloss. As a child, makeup has always been my thing. Whether it was looking at magazines admiring the soft glowy skin or whether it was the intensity of a smokey eye. Something about the creativity of enhancing ones look using different colors and textures intrigued me.

    I have always had a love for art growing up. Once I reached high school I found a passion in chorus and theater. I also picked up my first makeup brush and started playing in makeup with permission. My theater journey led me to college and I had my first lead role in my schools production of “Wait until Dark". By this time I was in class and theater practice by day and glamming all of my friends over by night. My passion for theater started to take a back seat and my love for makeup started to take a front seat. So I decided to attend cosmetology school and focus on makeup and how I could go about making it a career.


    I started going to makeup conventions and got a job at a well-known beauty store. I started out as a fragrance specialist and slowly worked my way to a color consultant. After graduating cosmetology school I started working my dream job at a popular cosmetic counter. By this time I started to professionally begin my makeup career as a freelance makeup artist. I have been in the makeup industry for over 3 years now and have attended several makeup conventions and makeup classes by celebrity makeup artist such as Beatfacehoney, Kilprity, Renny Vasquez, Sam Fine, Scott Barnes and Mario Dedivanovic.

       I want to be the absolute best makeup artist that I can be. I have provided my services at many events such as weddings, bridal showers, photoshoots, makeup lessons, proms and etc. I have also been featured in a beauty segment for Virginia This Morning TV CBS 6 News. I truly have a love and devotion for beauty and making my clients look and feel their best.